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My Story

  I’m a stay at home mum of 5 beautiful children. With my youngest being a 5yr old redheaded cheeky devil, I found that I had little time to do anything other than my mummy duties!! My husband has always been able to provide for our family but as the children grow older, the budget seems to as well leaving little left to save for a rainy day. I fell into Scentsy a little by accident after being introduced to it by an old friend. I hadn’t even seen all of the Scentsy range before I was hooked, my kids call it my “scentsy addiction” and I can’t help but agree! I had pretty much given up having anything nice in the house because every time I turned my back somehow it would end up broken, not to mention candles! Before I had kids I always loved to have some ‘smellys’ in the house whether it be ceramic burners & essential oils or candles, but with my children’s growing track record of knocking things over, open flames were banned. So when I found a safe alternative with no open flame that was cheaper and wouldn’t hurt the kids if an accident were to happen I wanted in!  Since joining in November 2013 my life has completely changed, Scentsy not only fits in perfectly with my mummy schedule but has affected me positively as a person as well, I’m more confident, positive and enthusiastic about life in general. In the past I owned my own business and the stress, hard work and absolute exhaustion was not a pleasant experience, Scentsy however allows you to be a successful entrepreneur without all the stress and hassle and replaces it with a lot more fun and creativity!  I run my whole business through the workstation of the website, which is really easy & keeps everything so organized and professional. I love working with a team of different and talented individuals who are all just as dedicated and “addicted” to Scentsy as me! If you would like to join the team, please contact me!! I’d love to hear from you and about your Scentsy ‘addiction’.   ♥ Katie xxx